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CeQur Simplicity

The CeQur Simplicity patch can help simplify your insulin needs whether you are at home or on-the-go. The Patch is attached and discreetly covered by your clothing. Dose yourself by clicking the buttons on the device without the need to handle and inject with pens or syringes in public or in front of friends and family members.

The CeQur Simplicity device.

Attach the device

Fill and attach your Patch and use it for the next 3 days. It sticks to your body like a patch and is waterproof, so just carry on with your daily routine.

Click at mealtimes

At mealtime you can easily and discreetly give yourself 2 units of insulin with a click of the buttons. Need more that 2 units? No problem…each click will add 2 additional units.

Discard when empty

After 3-days your unit is empty. Just remove it and dispose of it as directed. Then get a fresh Patch in place before your next meal.

Importance of Glucose Control

The HbA1c (commonly called A1C) is an average of what your blood sugar levels have been over the past three months. In general, the higher your A1C number, the higher your risk for diabetes complications. (A high A1C means there is too much sugar in your blood and your body isn’t absorbing it.)

Your body uses insulin to allow sugar to enter into your cells. Diabetes is very complicated, but essentially the cells of your body are not properly fed which can lead to complications. Insulin has been used for over 90 years as a life-saving treatment for people with diabetes. While many advancements have been made over the years regarding the types of insulin and how it has been administered, there are basically two modes of use – basal and bolus. Basal is the small amounts of insulin that your body needs all day long, even while you are asleep. Even when you don’t eat (fasting) your body is still releasing sugar into your blood, mostly stored and released by your liver. Bolus insulin is a short-term dose needed at mealtime to help your body absorb the increase in blood sugar that occurs when you eat. For some patients a basal and bolus insulin is needed to manage blood sugar levels all day long. How well you manage your blood sugar levels each day determines your A1C score, since it is an average of the past 90 days.

Insulin is a protein molecule produced in your pancreas. Different types of insulin are now produced in a variety of ways to provide insulin for people whose bodies don’t produce enough or any insulin. Since it is a protein, insulin cannot be taken orally because it would be digested in your stomach the same way other proteins that you eat are digested. Therefore, insulin must be injected into your body to enter your bloodstream. This requires needles or other methods for dosing. CeQur understands that needles and devices can add to the complexities of managing your diabetes, so our mission is to make insulin therapy simpler, more convenient, effective and safe.

Discover CeQur Simplicity

No more stepping away. No more interrupting the moment. CeQur Simplicity is a breakthrough device that puts three days of mealtime insulin at your fingertips. Now you can say goodbye to painful mealtime shots and discreetly dose with a subtle squeeze, right through your clothes.

CeQur Simplicity attaches to skin as a wearable insulin delivery device.
Mealtime injection-free dosing can be discreetly delivered over clothing.
A flexible cannula is inserted in the skin beneath the device, so insulin can be delivered without dosing injections.
Injection-free dosing

The Patch is preferred over insulin pens and syringes. Here are some results from clinical studies:

  • 3 out of 4 (76%) study patients would ask to switch from pen or syringe to the Patch1
  • 72% of study patients using the Patch for 44 weeks preferred it over an insulin pen2

If your doctor has prescribed a basal insulin, continue to take it as directed. With the Patch you no longer need to deal with needles and pens at mealtimes. Once applied, your Patch will last for 3 days, providing the insulin you need at mealtime just by clicking. After 3 days you simply remove, discard and start a new/fresh device.